Starting out as two eager eighteen year olds, owners Matt Winjum and Arron Hendricks have evolved their vision of a quaint smoothie stand into the upper midwest’s signature pizza. What was designed to be a compact cube for their handmade stand resulted in a rhombus-like shape, creating the avenue for Smoothie Rhombus. The two spent years honing in their smoothie skills, and eventually decided it was time to expand after years of invaluable experience.

The two decided on Maple Lake as they sought to purchase an old restaurant and expand on their operations.

In spring of 2002, Rhombus House of Pizza was born. Matt and Arron decided to bring long time friend Levi Kraft into the now successful business, developing a small yet dedicated staff. Through trial and error, the team was able to perfect their definition of the perfect slice. Eventually, the Grand Forks Herald caught wind of the new guys on the block and decided to write a piece on the trio that were changing the pizza scene in the Red River Valley. Following the vastly successful Herald article, business skyrocketed for the Rhombus team. After opening a location in Thief River Falls, there was a lot to be learned about what it really took to run a standalone restaurant successfully. Levi eventually decided to leave the business to focus on starting his family, and eventually Matt and Arron decided it was time to open a location in Grand Forks, ND. 

For over a decade, Rhombus Guys Pizza has been providing not only exquisite pizza to patrons in three locations; Grand Forks, Fargo, and Mentor, but also offering a consistent and distinctive experience within the community. From sunny days on the lake, to frigid temperatures in the heart of winter, you can never go wrong with a hardy slice from your neighborhood Rhombus Guys.




606 Main Ave, Fargo

CONTACT Grand Forks

312 Kittson Ave, Grand Forks